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Our Club

With a Pathway into adult football, we hope that the Children enjoy a long journey and make friends as they go through the year groups.

Here are some important names that make this club tick, all are approachable so feel free to drop a message with any questions and enquiries.

We dont do trials as believe everyone should be able to play with a focus on fun and deveolpment, however sometimes age groups may be full and we have limits to the number of players we can sign for safeguarding measures.


Head Coach-Greg Mogford.

Chairwoman- Sarah Vece

Secretary- Eleanor Sherriff

Treasurer- Jennifer Hopkins

Club Welfare Officer- Greg Mogford, Eleanor Sherriff, Sarah Vece


Train Wednesdays,  6 to 7pm

          Summer – Willowbrook School

          Winter – Fridays St Jame’s Astro

          Manager - Ryan

          Coach - Clint


Train Fridays 6 to 7pm

          Summer – Willowbrook School

          Winter – St Jame's Astro

          Manager – Ben Coles

          Asst. Coach -  Karl, Sam & Ryan


Train fridays 6 to 7pm

            Summer – Willowbrook School

             Winter – St Jame’s Astro

            Manager – Kev Wolinski

             Asst. Coach – Dan, Nate & Matthew


Train thursdays 6 to 7pm

            Summer – Willowbrook school School field

            Winter – St Jame's Astro

Manager – Ben Leighton

Asst Coach – Paul Hanson


Train 6 to 7pm on Fridays

Summer at St Luke's high school field

Winter at St Luke's Astro

Manager– Dave Badcock

Asst Coach – Adam Raud


U12s Youth
Train 6 to 7 pm

Summer - Tuesday

    Winter – Thursday St Jame's Astro


Manager – Gavin Preston

Asst. Coach – James Cook


U13s Wanderers
Train 6 to 7pm

Fridays – Summer at St Luke’s school field

                Winter – St Luke’s Astro

Manager – Ricky Pearce

Asst. Coach – 


summer Monday & Friday at Clyst Vale CC 6 to 7pm

Winter Monday at St Luke's Astro 6 to 7pm

Manager - Steve Ison

asst. Coach - Andrew & Mark




Summer – Wednesday 6 to 7.15 at St Luke’s High school Field

Winter – Monday 7 to 8pm at St Luke’s Astro

Manager – Gary Tootell

Asst Coach – Gareth Clarkson & Wayne Edworthy


U18s – 

Summer – Monday at St Luke’s School field 6.30 to 7.30pm

Winter –  Monday St Luke's Astro

Managers –  Taylor Howes

Asst. Coach - Wayne Edworthy


All enquiries via email

Facebook or Website


Mens teams


Whipton & Pinhoe FC

1st Team Manager – Nick Fawkes

     Asst. Coach – Andrew Felton & Dai Carpenter

     Secretary – Bryan Howard

Email -



2nd Team Manager – Rob Ley

     Team Secretary – Sarah Vece

      Email –

Under 16s

This age group plays competitive games where results are recorded and published.



Gareth, Gary and Wayne are the Coaches, they Train Mondays/ Wednesdays and are in Division 2 of the Exeter Youth League

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